WHO: We are Family owned and operated.

SALES: We sell firearms and related gear.

PURCHASE: To purchase from us register an account at: Account

ALREADY PURCHASED A VIRTUAL REVIEW: You will be emailed a link and will be able to watch the review in real time. Once the review is over, we will later on provide a link for you to watch the review if you could not watch it live.

SHIPPING A PURCHASED PRODUCT: We ship firearms directly to an FFL dealer the customer chooses. FFL Fees are a responsibility of the purchaser. Any fees you incur or expenses you incur after the delivery confirmation to the customers FFL dealer of choice, we are not responsible for. Email us with the FFL dealer you want us to ship to.

STATES WE DO NOT SHIP TO OR DO BUSINESS IN: We do not conduct business in California, Washington D.C., or Hawaii.

RETURNS: All sales are final: If you win an item or firearm at the end of the review and the firearm or item is not legal in your state you forfeit the winning item or firearm. All Firearm Laws are a Responsibility of You to understand and comply with your state or municipal areas laws. You are to comply with your state or municipal laws before you purchase a Virtual Review.

RETURNS, REFUNDS, and EXCHANGES: All sales are final from our online store. Should you have any issues with your firearms or items after the FFL dealer receives them, contact the manufacturer. We are not responsible for damage, loss, or theft after the FFL dealer receives the firearm. All shipments to the FFL dealer at tracked and confirmed.